Data Centers vs. Collocation vs. Cloud Computing

Here is a great throw back to an article posing the questions: Should your enterprise own its data center? Would it be better to use the […]

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BRUNS-PAK Attends Critical Facilities Summit in Minneapolis and will feature Grand Prize Drawing

#Letsgo Critical Facilities Summit – Booth 400, Oct 23-25 #datacenter #solutions #gimmeprizes

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Data Center Consulting, Evaluation and Requirements Analysis

Good Afternoon and welcome! One of our duties here at BRUNS-PAK is to keep track of every Request for Information that comes in through our website ( […]

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Data Center Enterprise Solutions with Cyber Security in 2018

What it means to us to be a Thought Leader in Data Center Industry? Mark outlines the vision that we at BRUNS-PAK extend to our clients. […]

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Data Center Cybersecurity and Compliance

The Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution The last two elements that Mark Evanko outlines in his presentation focus on Cybersecurity and Compliance. […]

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Container Elements to consider in the Data Center Solution and more

Containers, Government/Corporate/University/NonProfit and Legal Repercussions to consider in the Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution 14) Containers A. Speed to Market? B. Regulatory Agency […]

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Data Center Disaster Recovery Services

September 2017 Dear Data Center Decision Maker: Today’s “data centers” run the gamut from traditional large-scale facilities for business computing to web-scale IT and cloud-based applications.  […]

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Tech Series Review, Protecting Against Data Center Breaches

Great read from our Tech Series…Oldie but Goodie! #datacenter #breaches #solutions

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BRUNS-PAK Data Center Solutions Fall Line Up

As the kids prepare to head back to school, BRUNS-PAK heads back to the booth! Check out our Fall Show and Event Schedule! #datacenter #soluctions

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Data Center Service Level Agreements, Data Center Personnel and CAPEX vs. OPEX

The Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution. Elements 11-13 11) Service Level Agreements A. Internal vs. external (client) based B. Government imposed guidelines/performance […]

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Server Room

Data Center Migration, Relocation, Reliability, Scalability and additional Elements

The Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution, this week we feature Elements 7-10: 7) Migration / Relocation A. Move existing or buy/lease new? […]

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Data Center Project on the Horizon? RFI

We know many Data Center decision makers spend Summer Fridays researching on behalf of their future and pending Data Center projects. Look no further, get your […]

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Renovate? Expand? Collocate? Containers? Cloud?

Data Center questions?? Mark Evanko’s AFCOM 2017 Presentation is available on our website, all of the answers to your Data Center questions are here!

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Cloud, Disaster Recovery and Co-Location Highlight (Elements 4-6) from the Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution

How do the “eighteen elements” combine to optimize the data center enterprise solution? – Total cost of ownership – Risk – Scalability – “Critical vs. non-critical” […]

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