Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally

During his latest and greatest presentation, Mark took us through Global Data Center Trends. Today we will highlight the first 10 of those trends: The “2016 […]

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Server Room

Data Center Enterprise Trends in 2016

Good Morning! We received incredible feedback from Mark Evanko’s presentation of “Data Center Enterprise Trends 2016” at the recent Data Center World conference in New Orleans. […]

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BRUNS-PAK Now Offering Data Center Cloud, Hybrid and Co-Location Workshop

Good Morning! A unique workshop opportunity is now available! See below and let us know if you have any questions! #datacenter #solutions BRUNS-PAK WORKSHOP DATA CENTER, […]

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Fun Facts about Speaker Mark Evanko at Data Center World New Orleans 2016

We are looking forward to hearing Mark Evanko present at Data Center World Nola 2016!! He is scheduled to present on Wednesday, September 14th at 9:40AM. Session […]

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Preview of Executive Considerations for Data Center Enterprise Solutions in 2016 and Beyond

Good Morning! We are excited to give you a little preview of the agenda for Mark Evanko’s presentation at AFCOM Data Center World Global 2016. Mark Evanko will […]

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How Did You Hear About Us?

Hi there! Today we are wearing our Marketing and SEO hats and we are kicking around some thoughts. If you are reading this then you are […]

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3 Key Items Learned from Mark’s AFCOM Presentation

3 Key Things You Have Learned During Mark’s latest AFCOM Presentation 1. The sixteen (16) total elements to be considered in developing a short/long term enterprise […]

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Why Does Security Matter?

Here is the next snippet from Mark’s latest presentation at AFCOM 2015! Why Does Security Matter? 1) Liability, Liability, Liability 2) If corporate, what are the […]

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Data Center Trends, Cloud Computing

  Here is the last of the Trends highlighted in Mark Evanko’s latest and greatest AFCOM Presentation. We will keep posting from this presentation as it […]

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Data Center Trends, Containers

Containers (Physical) 1)PLUS A.Pre-packaged/pre-wired B.Short term delivery C.Trailer/modular building blocks D.Minimized capital expense E.Modular 2)MINUS A.Uniform building code acceptance B.Planning board/zoning board review/approval C.“Tractor trailer” concept […]

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Data Center Trends, Co-Location

This week, per Mark’s presentation at AFCOM Data Center World National Harbor 2015, we are evaluating the second Trend for Data Center Locations: Co-Location 1)PLUS A.Defray […]

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Data Center Trends; The Data Center Facility

Per Mark’s recent presentation at AFCOM Data Center World National Harbor 2015, we wanted to break out some Trends weekly here on our blog, just as […]

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Let’s Get Ready to Evaluate Trends in Data Center Solutions

Hi Friends! Our Principal Mark Evanko has just wrapped his recent presentation on Data Center Trends at AFCOM National Harbor. We know that when our clients […]

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AFCOM Nat Harbor 2015 Flyer Pic 1

Visit BRUNS-PAK at AFCOM National Harbor 2015 for Grand Prize drawings and more!

Check out these flyers with all the details you need to engage with us at AFCOM Data Center World, National Harbor 2015. Visit us at booth […]

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