Best Practices for Protecting Against Data Breaches

The list of substantial and incredibly costly data breaches grows every day. Target, Home Depot, Dairy Queen, and Ahold Supermarkets are some of the more well-known […]

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Managing Massive Data Growth

A Combination of Data Efficiency Technologies Provides Ways to Optimize Primary Storage Capacity and Performance It’s no secret that growth in data is expected to remain […]

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Guided by the Green Grid

As business demands increase, so too does the number of data center facilities and the amount of IT equipment they house. With escalating demand for data […]

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Why the Internet of Things Must Be On Your Data Center Radar.

Splunk. Glassbeam. Azure. Amazon Web Services. If you are a CIO, get used to these names, because they (or their competitors) are likely to become an […]

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A Four-Part Framework for Resilient Data Center Architecture

Cornerstone concepts to support cybersecurity While working on a recent project, we came across a newsletter authored by Deb Frincke, then Chief Scientist of Cybersecurity Research […]

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Planning for the Inescapable Crush of Mobile Data Growth

Mobile Access is Driving New Demand for Smarter Networks and More Intelligent Data Center Architecture Big data often seems to dominate headlines in IT publications. Few […]

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Five Keys to Improving Data Center Resilience In the Age of Customer-Centricity

When Customers Are Involved, Being “Ready for Anything” Takes on New Urgency For many CIO’s trained in traditional IT service metrics, the new world of IT […]

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Six Factors Influencing Data Center Efficiency Design

In rapidly evolving markets, bigger is not always better. Is your data center designed for efficiency? The aggressive efforts of DISA, the Defense Information Systems Agency, […]

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Beyond the Server Room

As IT Becomes an Enabler of Business Value, a New Framework for IT Decision Making Must Emerge In the September/October issue of Educause Review, David Maxwell, […]

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OpEx Solutions for Financing Data Center Renovation/Construction

Funding a data center build, renovation or expansion does not have to mean draining capital resources. Big Data. Mobile enablement. The knowledge economy. The reasons are […]

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DCIM 2.0: The Emergence of Data Center Information Management Systems

Over the past 5 years, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) has become an acknowledged, if somewhat inconsistently implemented, approach to control and oversight of IT facilities. […]

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Beyond PUE: Three Factors to Consider in Planning Data Center Strategy

If you are a CIO evaluating data center plans, you already know that the rules have changed and at the forefront of the rule-breaking changes is […]

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GE and EMC Pivotal: Three Things Every CIO Can Learn From Them.

Recently, General Electric announced a $105 Million investment in EMC Pivotal. The investment reflects the companies growing commitment to smart systems/devices under their industrial Internet initiative. […]

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Creating the Converged IT Stack

With the continued evolution of the ‘always on’ age and data-driven business strategy, the need to reengineer the data center around new principles has become evident. […]

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